Welcome to Card Kingdom's "Magic for Her" campaign to benefit The Cybersmile Foundation!

[Disclaimer: The campaign and products are completely satire; the fundraiser is completely genuine.] 

For nearly two years, Card Kingdom has been rolling out new additions to its line of Battle Decks: premade 60-card decks aimed at kitchen-table Magic players. This month, players may notice something a little different about five of these casual decks – the lion on the cover of the “Jungle Rumble” deck has donned a pair of pink sunglasses, and the skull on “Black Death” is adorned with a pink bow. It’s all part of a new philanthropic campaign that Card Kingdom calls “Magic for Her.”

Billed as a “real fake product” aimed at Magic fans, “Magic for Her” decks feature all the same contents as the original Battle Decks; the only difference is the cover images. As the “Magic for Her” infomercial spoof suggests, women in the Magic community want to play the game just like everyone else, but many women quit playing or don’t pick up Magic at all because they’re concerned about harassment or social stigma.

With online harassment on the rise in the Magic community, Card Kingdom seized an opportunity to satirize product marketing for women while also doing some good. The company will be donating 100% of profits from “Magic for Her” to the Cybersmile Foundation, an international anti-cyberbullying organization.

The “Magic for Her” campaign will run throughout the month of March in honor of Women’s History Month. Card Kingdom customers can support the campaign by purchasing products in the “Magic for Her” online store or by giving to Cybersmile directly through the pink "Donate" button on this page.

Here's a peek at some of the custom products offered on the "Magic for Her" online store:

Mana Cat Pack:

Magic Doggo Pack:

Meme Girls Pack:

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